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We are dedicated to shaping the events of the future.

BEVNT. It's not merely the fusion of the English words "Be" and "Event." BEVNT embodies much more than that. We proudly serve as your premier provider of cutting-edge event technology in the DACH region.


Ideas Forge Projects

Effective planning is always the beginning. Particularly for large and complex events, precise and extensive preparation is often important. That's why we take the time it takes for each project

The idea

Initially, we engage in discussions with you about your ideas and vision, crafting a concept from these discussions.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

The planning

Now, it's time for us to embark on the planning phase. We meticulously analyze every detail, ensuring that we maintain an ongoing dialogue with you throughout the process.

The event

Following the conception, planning, and execution phases, the event comes to fruition. All our meticulous planning converges at a single focal point.

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The follow-up

After the dismantling process, we immediately shift our focus to the next event. Following this principle, we conduct comprehensive post-event discussions for continuous improvement.

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Our promise

How do we turn an event into a “BEVNT”? And what does that mean for us in this context? For us, this means, on the one hand, that we always stay in touch with you to ensure your satisfaction. We also want to offer you a wide range of options and make the right decisions together through comprehensive advice. Things like punctuality and safety are nothing less than a self-evident must for us.

Would you like to get to know us?
We look forward to your inquiry.

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